Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take a free Hadoop course, go to Las Vegas

Big Data University is a new site offering free courses in Hadoop and other technologies. At the time of writing nearly 6000 students worldwide are taking a quick course or two there. The format is that of self-paced learning with forums to discuss problems with other students and exercises one can do freely.

Students can run Hadoop on a virtual machine or follow instructions to quickly provision their own Hadoop cluster in the cloud.

Big Data University also has a very neat promotion going.

The best three students as of October 3rd will get to fly to Las Vegas and attend the Information on Demand 2011 conference, all expenses paid. Specifically, flight, hotel, transportation, and meal expenses will be covered.

To be eligible, the students have to first complete the free Hadoop Fundamentals I course and an additional exercise.

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Leons Petrazickis
IM C3oC Developer

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